Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your enclosures UL2200 listed?
A: Our enclosures are UL2200 classified as a complete package.  The only requirement we have is that the generator inside must be UL2200 listed.  Contact us for our UL certifications page, and file number.

Q: Who is responsible for designing an enclosure project?
A: Our custom enclosures are primarily used for emergency standby generators 300kW and up.  The facility owner would hire an engineer of record that would typically be responsible for creating the enclosure specifications.  Cobra can offer specifying engineers all the technical data and drawings necessary for designing a package that would suit the needs of the end user.

Q: Who is responsible for unloading and rigging?
A: When the generator arrives at the jobsite, the installing contractor is typically responsible for unloading and rigging on the concrete pad, or building roof.

Q: Will Cobra manage the delivery schedule with the project manager on site
A: Our final delivery schedule will be transmitted to the generator supplier, who in turn will provide us with all delivery instructions whether direct to the jobsite or to a riggers yard.

Q: When installing an enclosure package, what requirements do you have for buildings and grounds?
A: Since there no electrical requirements at the time of delivery, the delivery schedule can be set up during normal business hours, or after hours for an additional fee.

Q: Does Cobra file permits?
A: Cobra sells enclosure packages all over North America.  We are never responsible for filing for, or providing assistance with permitting or applications of any kind.  There are agencies in each municipality that are well versed with permitting, and we can usually recommend someone in your area.

Q: How much do your enclosures cost?
A: Our enclosure packages are among the highest quality in the industry.  The cost of our enclosures will vary greatly depending on size, sound level, and options you choose.  And we can usually tailor a solution that will meet the specifications, and provide competitive value. 

Q: What materials are your enclosures built out of?
A: We use an all aluminum framework, skin, and interior perforated liner giving you a superior product that will NEVER rust.

Q: How do you prevent your enclosures from leaking?
A: We use our proprietary 3-Ply roof system standard on every enclosure which is impenetrable by rainwater, snow or ice.  Our wall system has a formed seam construction that is internally sealed. Our Doors all have 2” rain gutters above every doorway, intake and discharge area.  Our discharge wall opening has a formed rainwater diverter that directs any rainwater outside the enclosure.

Q: What is the requirement for proximity to adjacent buildings or obstructions?
A: Airflow, sound level and clearances are the biggest concerns when installing a custom enclosure.  The requirement will vary from job to job.  The engineer of record will typically set the distances, and clearances, however Cobra would be happy to work with the end user or engineer to help locate an ideal placement.

Q: What generators do you build enclosures for?
A: We work with all major generator manufacturers.

Q: How can I buy an enclosure?
A: We sell through distribution.  If you are a generator distributor, chances are you are set up to purchase from us directly.  If you are an installer, please contact your local generator distributor.

Q: Do you have a list of prior customers we can contact?
A: Yes. Contact us and we will be happy to provide a list of happy customers!

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: We have been in business since 2003

Q: I am a generator distributor interested in buying a custom enclosure, what is the process.
A: After receipt of order, we prepare a set of submittal drawings for approval.  After approval we will start building the enclosure system.  You will ship the open skid generator to our factory, and we will assemble the complete package, and ship in one piece.  Larger sets may require multiple pieces, and for these projects, Cobra is typically on site for field supervision during the installation process.

Q: Where did your prior customers place their generators?
A: The two most typical installation locations are pad mounted on grade adjacent to a building, and rooftop locations either on a concrete slab, or dunnage mounted.  We have supplied enclosures in climates ranging from sunny Florida, to Juneau Alaska and many places in between.

Q: Where are your enclosures built?
A: All of our enclosures are manufactured at our main manufacturing plant in Millstone, NJ.

Q: What color choices do I get to choose from?
A: Our three main color choices are Bronze, White and Mill finish.  We have over 14 optional colors to choose from.  Please contact us for a color chart

Q: Will it be an eye sore?
A: Our enclosure systems are aesthetically pleasing to look at, and the quality craftsmanship compliments any building.

 Q: What is your lead time?

Lead times will vary depending on the size, and complexity of the enclosure package.  For most packages, the lead time will be approximately 10-12 weeks.

Q: What size generators to you build enclosures for?
Most commonly we build enclosures for generators ranging in size from 300kW to 2000kW, but in certain cases we will build packages for other sizes as well.

Q: Who is responsible for startup?
Typically the generator distributor is responsible for startup for most packages, however for the more complicated enclosures; a Cobra technician will be on site for startup assistance.

Q: I am a specifying engineer.  Who handles the pad design?
Cobra includes a pad detail in our submittal drawings which gives an overall dimension.  Clearances and pad thickness is determined by the end users design engineer.


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