About Us

Cobra Power Systems Inc. began operations in October of 2003 with a vision to become a leader in aftermarket emergency generator solutions.  With a preexisting knowledge in emergency generator systems, and aftermarket generator components we saw a need to produce higher quality components.  At the time, many of the aftermarket custom enclosures in the field had deteriorated over time, and well before the useful lifespan of the generator inside.  Since the engine generator set was the core component, we wanted to develop a product that would be better built, and would match the lifespan of the engine generator. 

We developed an all aluminum fully welded internal framework coupled with a formed seam 14 gauge outer skin system packed with the highest quality sound attenuated fire bat, faced with a perforated aluminum inner liner.  Every load bearing and non load bearing fastener is either aluminum or stainless steel.   The Eagle all aluminum enclosure system was born.  And through the years it proved to be a success, and highly regarded solution in the power generation industry. 

Cobra Power Systems custom enclosure line evolved to be a field proven product.  Everything from the internal framework, to our proprietary 3-Ply leak proof roof system standard on every enclosure is what separates us.  Every enclosure package is UL2200 classified, and built with that same goal in mind that we had from the beginning.  Cobra Power Systems is committed to providing a product that will last as long as the generator WITHOUT RUST, and WITHOUT LEAKS.  We guarantee it! We pride ourselves in building a high quality product that will stand the test of time, even in the harshest environments. 

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